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Jewelry refers to ornaments that used to decorate individuals and related circumstances. Jewelry represents another significant way in which people costume themselves in the effort to self-define. Jewelry is truly an illustrator of the idea of self-definition simply because much of it is entirely non-functional. The rarer the material is made from, the more value it holds. Jewelry like this is used to mark important occasions because it was considered valuable.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Baumgold Rough diamond

The Baumgold Rough was discovered from the Wesselton mine, South Africa, in 1922, and weighed 609.25 carats. This bluish-color diamond was cut by Baumgold Brothers, Inc into 14 stones. The largest were two 50 carat, pear-shape gems. The current whereabouts of these stones remain unknown.

Baumgold Brothers, Inc was founded in New York by I. M. Baumgold, in 1900. He and his sons Louis and Jack opened a diamond cutting factory and that firm grew into a leading American diamond importing and cutting company.
Baumgold Rough diamond 


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