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Jewelry refers to ornaments that used to decorate individuals and related circumstances. Jewelry represents another significant way in which people costume themselves in the effort to self-define. Jewelry is truly an illustrator of the idea of self-definition simply because much of it is entirely non-functional. The rarer the material is made from, the more value it holds. Jewelry like this is used to mark important occasions because it was considered valuable.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Steinmetz pink diamond

Pink is one of the rarest and most desirable colors, often associated with roses and natural sea.

Pure pink colored diamonds with no trace of secondary modifying colors are extremely rare and are usually found in much smaller size.

The largest known pink diamond is the Steinmetz Pink, a 59.6 carat stone cut from a 100 carat rough found in southern Africa.

Considered by many to be the finest pink diamond in the world, it was first revealed in Monaco in 2003. It is the most precious stone and the price of the diamond is about $25 million.

However experts said that it is impossible to value it accurately as there are only a dozen or potentially buyers. This stone took twenty moths to cut. It is extremely rare and coveted clarity grade.
Steinmetz pink diamond


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