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Jewelry refers to ornaments that used to decorate individuals and related circumstances. Jewelry represents another significant way in which people costume themselves in the effort to self-define. Jewelry is truly an illustrator of the idea of self-definition simply because much of it is entirely non-functional. The rarer the material is made from, the more value it holds. Jewelry like this is used to mark important occasions because it was considered valuable.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moss agate

Moss Agate is not technically Agate, because it is not banded. It is a chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of moss-colored green minerals.

Moss Gate is colorless, translucent chalcedony with inclusions of green hornblende in moss like patterns.

Moss Agate colors are brown and red through oxidation of the iron hornblende. In all gates the colors of the stone are distributed ether haphazardly or in curved bands. In case of moss agate, the bands of color are distributed in such a way that the stone looks as though it contains preserved moss.

They are treasured not only for their collective beauty, but for the uniqueness within individual stones. They are used in a variety of jewelry, ranging from rings to belt buckles.

Moss Agates are most commonly found in the beds of streams or rivers. Many of the best moss Agates come from India. In the market place Moss Gate available as tumbled stones, beads and cabochons.
Moss agate


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