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Jewelry refers to ornaments that used to decorate individuals and related circumstances. Jewelry represents another significant way in which people costume themselves in the effort to self-define. Jewelry is truly an illustrator of the idea of self-definition simply because much of it is entirely non-functional. The rarer the material is made from, the more value it holds. Jewelry like this is used to mark important occasions because it was considered valuable.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Earrings in ancient Egypt

Earrings as a class of jewelry do not make a general appearance in Egypt until the New Kingdom, and it is possible the custom of wearing earrings were introduced in ancient Egypt during the latter part of the Intermediate period from 1600 to 1500 BCE by the Nubian Pan Grave culture.

The Nubian practice of wearing earrings was common among members of both sexes and was readily accepted in Egyptian culture. Leech shapes and open hoops were common during this time. The most popular type of earring in the Eighteenth Dynasty was made of large, hollow, gold hoops arranged one within the other in decreasing sizes.
Egyptian earrings 664-535 BC
Egyptian men occasionally wore earrings but they were predominantly a female fashion. By the end of New Kingdom, one could choose form elaborate hoops and dangles, tube and boss earrings and ear studs. In addition to ear studs there were also disk shaped around the diameter.

Artwork from tomb paintings shows the pharaohs with ear piercings. King Tut had several pairs of earrings placed in his tomb to wear in the afterlife.
Earrings in ancient Egypt


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