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Jewelry refers to ornaments that used to decorate individuals and related circumstances. Jewelry represents another significant way in which people costume themselves in the effort to self-define. Jewelry is truly an illustrator of the idea of self-definition simply because much of it is entirely non-functional. The rarer the material is made from, the more value it holds. Jewelry like this is used to mark important occasions because it was considered valuable.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Copper jewelry

The Chaldeans as early as 4500 B.C were artisans with the metal. By 2750 B.C the copper smiths were able to hammer and form drainpipes of copper.

Among all metals, copper is one of the oldest metals. It is said that copper purifies the blood and also helps strengthen your immune system, thus building up the immune system. Copper possesses anti-oxidant properties which prevent free ions and radicals from raising the toxicity within the body. Anti-aging properties of copper are as well-known and historically renowned as the copper ring benefits astrology. Copper is fairly soft and easy to shape. Jewelry artists most often use it in the form of wire, sheet metal, beads, or findings.

Copper jewelry turns some people’s skin green, because the chemicals in sweat can cause copper to oxidize. The resulting green patina rubs off of the copper and onto the skin.

The possibility of tracing jewelry’s historic itinerary derives primarily from the custom, beginning with the most remote civilizations, of burying the dead with their richest garments and ornaments.

Of the many diadems made by Egyptian artist-craftsmen, one of the earliest was discovered in a tomb dating from the 4th dynasty (c. 2575–c. 2465 BC). It consists of a gold band supported by another band made of copper, to which three decorative designs are applied.
Copper jewelry


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